Well hello 2015. The month of March to be exact. 

Haven’t blogged in more than a few months now. So I guess I have some catching up to do. 

Point one and the most important one: Mr. Big Talk and I haven’t communicated or had sex in 6 months. I am officially done with him and his issues. Of course I received the occasional “you were the best” and “can we hook up one last time” texts but I stood my ground and haven’t even seen him. 

Point two: Mr. Player and I haven’t had sex since November. BUT we have been communicating about a possible hookup. I have been dodging hooking up with him because I just don’t want to but I want to keep him around until I feel like it. Is that a bad thing? I mean I know it is kinda selfish of me but right now I have the right to be selfish with him. Especially since he’s still a full on player of the game and still the best I’ve ever had (I definitely won’t tell him that). 

Point three: Met a guy I’m currently naming Mr. Motivator. I’m keeping his story short…REALLY SHORT. Met him on Tinder, fucked him once and definitely won’t be fucking him again. Reason why: his dick was literally 4 inches. I mean if you have a small package and know how to use it then that’s great for you but this guy was just terrible in bed. He’s one of those hook ups you try to forget and don’t even count as a real fuck lol. 

Point four: This is my final semester of undergrad!!! I’m a little afraid and excited to get out into my career/adult life. 

Well I think that’s enough of an update for now. Smooches! 

No new friends, no new “friends”, no new fuck buddies

Ugh *le sigh*….Sorry I haven’t had a post in a while. This semester has been a BITCH who loves anal with no lube. Fortunately, I am done and can now get into some new things.

Unfortunately, this semester I have only been fucking Mr. Big Talk for the past few months since I’ve been too busy with work and school. I’d gotten into a comfortable position and it was “guaranteed” penis, so yeah it was a regular thing for me.

Hopefully this summer will be good to me and I will be able to sample all the men, penises and positions that comes along.

UPDATE: Mr. Big Talk: currently the only fuck buddy in commission. 

Mr. Player: haven’t fucked him in literal MONTHS

Mr. Floyd: ummmmm….haven’t thought about him in a while

Until the next new fuck buddy,


Um Friends???

Ah Mr. Player never ceases to amaze me. Got a “good morning” text followed by the weirdest text to date.
He decided to actually try to hold a text conversation at 830 in the morning and I didn’t have class until 1050. So yes I was a bit annoyed by it all.
What made it more annoying was the fact that he wanted to know if a particular hairstyle for men was out of date. It all came down to a woman blowing him off and I guess he wanted to vent to me.
I know we’ve known one another for about 3 years now, but we have never talked about other people to each other. Especially not other potential fucking partners.
Yeah…..I really wanted to remind him that we were fuck buddies not friends who shared stories.
Strange day I must say lol.
Until next time…..

Mr. Player Returns

So yesterday afternoon was going super great. My lab was canceled, I didn’t have to work, and I had a great book to read.
All of that changed when I got THE text from Mr. Player. This really surprised me since we haven’t communicated or had sex since November of last year….well there was the “Merry Xmas” and ” Happy New Year” text but that doesn’t count lol.
What was really strange was that he texted me like it was just business as usual. No how was the holidays, your birthday……NOTHING. Just “Hey babe are you free tonight?”
Not only was I free and horny but that really made me angry for some reason. So I decided to tell him I was not free and just kept on with my great night.
I honestly don’t know if I will let him back in, but for now he will get the “busy tonight” texts until I feel up to it.
Well until next time all…..

My New Year So Far…..

So this New Year so far has proven to be one of no fucks and no deviant behavior. I feel as if another inevitable dry spell is upon me and it’s my 21st birthday month! Not only am I mad at this unwanted accomplishment, but this really put a damper on my birthday plans. 

I have a few potential suitors lined up, but I guess there’s something else that I need right now. The novel experience instead of my usual bed romping is currently in the works……even thought it is taking longer than I expected. 

*Le sigh* Oh well on to my first class of the new spring semester!




So here is my first 2014 post. Resolutions. Not making any. I guess it’s just that I’m fine with what I’ve done in 2013 and this new year will only be slightly different. I don’t feel the need to make promises that I’m not going to keep (I KNOW ME) and I know my goals in life will be completed one way or another. 

Well hope all of you guys had a great New Year’s and if you made resolutions I hope that you prosper. 

Until next time….


One is a Lonely Number

So tonight after my first final exam, I realize I have all this time on my hands now to do whatever I want. The problem with this is……I have not a damn thing to do or to do it to. 

On these kind of nights I wish I was in a regular relationship or even a regular casual fling I could call over to help fill in until I was ready to sleep. I didn’t realize all of this free time when during the regular school time, and juggling certain guys with my schedule really filled in the gap. 

Oh well all, I guess I should just try to sleep…..or maybe masturbate lol. 

Until then..


The Drunk Fuck Post

The Drunk Fuck Post

Well I guess it’s that time to write about my Saturday night with Mr. Big Talk. I didn’t really think much about it until now because all that night I was under great influence and yesterday I was a complete hungover mess. Mr. Big Talk texted and called me while I was in my drunkenness and I agreed to let him come over. I honestly remember bits and pieces of this sexual encounter, but that morning I felt the results. And they felt GREAT. I believe that I just had the greatest sex with him that I’ve had in a long time, and I hardly remember it. I can honestly say this was my first time EVER drunk fucking someone. Guess it’s not a rare thing in college though when I told my roommates. I could easily tell the next day he was also tipsy with the text exchange leading up to him coming.

Well all….have a great Monday and Thanksgiving week!!!


No More Public Places

So tonight I decided to go back to my freshman times and bump and grind in a public place. Mr. Floyd and I decided to link up tonight and try to rekindle what we had last year. I was so happy…..and horny….that I didn’t really care where we did the do, as long as we did it SOON.

So we decided to meet in a parking lot that was damn near deserted. We were getting down to the nitty gritty and out of no where some man in a truck decided to park beside us and I must say the man was REALLY REALLY creepy. Mr. Floyd decided we should just leave and reconvene in the morning and I definitely agreed.

Well all, I will not do public places anymore lol. I was too nervous already and the creepy guy just reaffirmed me to not do this anymore.

Until next time fellow bloggers,